Woodcarving: Jam Spreaders (Beginner)

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Saturday September 4

9:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

In this workshop, students will develop the confidence to carve jam spreaders from fresh timber using a basic carving knife. The jam spreader is an outstanding introductory project into woodworking, and it is also a functional utensil that can be used for years in your kitchen.

Students will become familiar with a basic carving knife, safe carving techniques, and the fundamentals of working with green wood (opposed to kiln-dried wood). If time allows, students may also be introduced to finishing techniques such as chipcarving, kolrosing, or painting with milk paint. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or just starting on your woodworking journey, there is a place in the workshop for you. Be aware, the craft of spooncarving is very addicting!

Be advised that the instructor will use a carving axe to demonstrate riving stock for students. Students will not be using axes in this class.

Once completed this course, students are recommended to take the “Intermediate Woodcarving: Scandinavian Spoons” course. Students will be introduced to more carving tools (including axes) and more challenging projects.

Please note that although this course is open to all levels, it does require a basic amount of hand strength and physical stamina.

All tools will be provided by the instructor. If you are left-handed, please reach out to the instructor (abspoons@gmail.com). An optional supplies list will be provided.


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